Always holding a camera, smiling, and capturing moments!

Hi I'm Darlene and I'm a photographer in Northern Virginia. I capture everything from creative portraits, business branding photos, classic business head shots, and events to family portraits, newborns and weddings. 


My motto is: If you didn't take a picture of it, it didn't happen.


Your experience with me will be unforgettable and positive! My job as your photographer is to listen to your needs and deliver high quality images. In order to deliver a positive experience, my goal is to make you feel at ease and confident with getting your image taken.

Past clients have praised me for making them feel beautiful and for giving them a fun experience! Making them want to come back over and over again to have their photos taken with me.


My journey as a photographer didn't officially begin until I had my daughter in 2013. I wanted to capture every moment of her and it was then that I realized I was a photographer. I have been behind the lens for the past 21 years, that person, always carrying a camera and taking photos. I absolutely live for capturing moments and telling stories, so I decided to start my photography business!

It's hard to describe what photography means to me and how special it truly is. For me, photos tell a story. It can be a personal story, a family story, or a business story. Photos can convey messages and illicit feelings and that is what I chase with each and every photo I take and I hope I can be part of that journey with you.


We service the areas outside of Washington DC in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.  We are located in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.