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1. Know Your Personal Brand.

How do you want your audience to perceive you? This is a crucial step in putting yourself out in the market as a professional. When someone sees your photo or hears your name, what do you want them to associate you with? Is there a certain subject or industry you want to be perceived as an expert? As in all industries, the market is full of other experts in the field competing against you. Ask yourself this additional question, “how do I stand out from the rest?” Knowing these answers will help you with the next steps in preparing for your headshot session.

2. Dress for success with a great outfit.

When building your personal brand, your style is a key factor. An outfit can highlight your personality, establish you as an expert in your industry, and build trust. When picking an outfit, be sure to stay on brand and remember first impressions matter! 

Your headshot can be customized to your industry. If you’re a fitness instructor, wearing a nice athletic outfit shows you are serious and are an expert in your field. However, for a realtor, an athletic outfit wouldn’t make sense. Choose a professional suit or stylish outfit that highlights your personality while demonstrating professionalism.

To ensure your headshots will last for a few years, pick pieces that are as timeless as possible. Avoid loud patterns or trendy styles that won’t last forever (after all, what is “in” today may be “out” tomorrow). Also avoid loud and distracting colors and instead pick soft colors (let’s leave the neon colors at home and go with blush or cream instead). And finally, wear classic accessories (jewelry, watches, etc.) that are on brand and stay away from big, chunky loud pieces. Again, these may be in style now but won’t be tomorrow.












3. Give yourself enough time for hair styling.

Now that you have an outfit and accessories selected, it’s time to start planning your hairstyle. When getting ready for your headshot session, it’s important to give yourself enough time to get ready and ensure your hair is done more than any normal day. This photo is meant to present the best version of yourself, and frizzy bed head just won’t cut it.

If you have enough time before your shoot, consider going to your hairstylist. Even a quick trim a few days before can give you a clean look for your photos and reduce flyaway hairs. Men, this goes for your facial hair as well! Make sure you tidy up your beard at least a day or two before. The day of your session, consider styling your facial hair a bit more than normal to keep straggling hairs at bay.












4. Finish the look with makeup.

The camera gear and lighting equipment used in professional photos capture sharp images and show every detail. Although Photoshop is an amazing tool, preparing your face for your shoot is important! If you don’t wear makeup – and that is on brand for you – coming to your shoot with a clean, washed face is important.

Even if you wear makeup every day, give yourself enough time to finish styling before your headshot session. Cameras can wash out subtle makeup, so add on a little more than you normally would to make sure your features will stand out. It doesn’t have to be too crazy or glamorous, just a little extra will make a lot of difference. Make sure to bring your make-up bag to your session for any last-minute touch ups. Even men can benefit from a clean face and subtle makeup! A tiny layer of foundation or a sprinkle of powder will even out skin tone and reduce oily skin. 


5. Drink plenty of water a few days before your session.

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. This is one of the most important things before any photo shoot, but especially a professional headshot. Start a few days in advance to make sure you (and your skin) are hydrated enough. Hydrated skin is more elastic, can reduce oil production, and help give you a radiant glow (read more about the importance of hydration for your skin here). This is just what you need for your professional headshot!

6. Get enough sleep the night before.

Just like drinking enough water, getting enough rest is extremely important. This will help reduce any tired bags under your eyes and give you enough energy to have fun with your headshot session! If you don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, getting good sleep the night before can help reduce the need for heavy makeup application. Feeling rested is one of the best ways to feel like yourself – one of the most important things for your headshot photo session!


Curious about why a professional headshot is so important? Check out my previous blog on the reasons you should book your headshot today!
Ready to schedule your headshot session? Contact me to book your photoshoot today!

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Why you should have a professional headshot https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2021/10/why-you-should-have-a-professional-headshot If the growth of social media has taught us anything, it’s that first impressions matter and we only have seconds to make a good first impression. The job market has been tumultuous at the very least since 2020’s job losses. Many employers and market analysts have seen a “great resignation” in progress as the job market becomes more competitive. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd when there are many people looking for new opportunities, but a professional headshot can set you apart and capture your audience's attention.

We can all agree that social media takes a major part in our everyday life. Even for those who may still be in denial about it, you simply cannot overlook the fact that media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are used by businesses and employers in looking for talent. Social media is constantly evolving and we must evolve along with it to stay competitive in the market. 

Normally, it’s not recommended to include an image on your resume. But as more and more job listings ask for your LinkedIn profile, the profile picture has become one of the most important components to a good digital first impression. Whether you are looking for a new job, searching for clients, or hoping to create connections with people in your industry, having a high-quality headshot can be the difference between getting the job or being looked over. 

Headshot PhotoHeadshot session by Darlenes Photography


In case you haven't been convinces, here are a few reasons why a professional headshot can be your best friend in a job search or networking setting:

Stand out from your competition and establish a personal brand.

Personal branding is a key component in any professional setting because it tells your audience who you are and what you are an expert in. Whether networking with fellow professionals, attending a job fair, or trying to build your own business, a professional headshot is a basic tool to help you stand out from the crowd. Headshots can be tailored to show your personality and communicate who you are through visual cues that support your brand.

Show who you are today, not five  years ago.

Outdated photos can create a lot of confusion for potential employers or clients and can instantly create distrust. It’s important to update your headshots every 1-2 years. We’re all human, we all change with time. It’s important that how you are represented online is reflected with who you are in person today.

Headshot PhotoHeadshot photo session by Darlene's Photography

Selfies ≠ personable branding.

Despite the pandemic forcing us all to stay home, the age of using selfies on your LinkedIn profile or as your professional image is coming to an end. As the market continues to only get more competitive, having an updated professional photo shows your audience that you are above average and have invested in yourself and will invest into them. Book a headshot photo shoot and get an updated picture for any place your face is featured.

Phone cameras won’t do you justice.

Knowing how to take a professional headshot is more than just setting up your iPhone with a ring light and hoping for the best (fingers crossed and smile). That’s what everyone else does these days anyway but you don’t want to be like everyone else. You want to stand out! Hiring a professional photographer for a headshot means you get an expert with professional equipment to provide you with stunning images where you were guided on what to wear and how to pose.


On top of gaining expertise by hiring a pro, you remove any chance that the photo will turn out blurry when you upload it to your social media channels. High quality professional headshots will imply you are a legitimate business or candidate for recruiters. 

Professional headshots are not just for your LinkedIn page.

These photos can be used across all your social media accounts, business cards, your personal website, for speaking engagements, presentations, or even your holiday cards! A one-time investment in a professional headshot can last a long time and help people recognize your face. Plus, when you hire a professional you will get more than just one photo and can regularly swap out images as often as you like!

Build trust with future clients or recruiters.

Studies have shown that people decide to trust others within the first few seconds of meeting someone. Facial expressions are becoming more and more important to building clientele or making a good impression when searching for a job. Professional headshots can help you make a positive impact in the most important split seconds of a first impression.

Headshot PhotoHeadshot Photo Session by Darlene's Photography

Keep up in the fast-moving, digital world.

As the digital world continues to expand, having a professional headshot is no longer a suggestion. Now, it’s one of the basic needs in owning a business or putting yourself out there in the corporate world. More and more people turn to search engines and professional websites to find new employees or businesses to hire. Professional headshots are an easy way to cut through the noise.

Have you updated your headshot recently? Check out my portfolio or contact me to book your photoshoot today!

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Graduation Front Porchtraits https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2021/5/graduation-front-porchtraits


[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2021/5/graduation-front-porchtraits Tue, 18 May 2021 19:41:50 GMT
Family Photo Session - Willowsford Community in Aldie, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2020/11/family-photo-session---willowsford-community-in-aldie-va  




[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) VA Aldie Ashburn Darlene's Photography Fall Family Photo Session family photo Family photo session Leesburg Loudoun County South Riding Willowsford Boat House Willowsford Community https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2020/11/family-photo-session---willowsford-community-in-aldie-va Fri, 06 Nov 2020 23:30:12 GMT
Porchtrait Photo Project, Family Photos During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Aldie, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2020/4/porchtraits---a-front-porch-family-photo-project























We’re all making the best out of the stay at home order and never have we had so much family time together! So with the encouragement and collaboration with Front Porch Living Magazine's Publisher, Tracy Pasqualone, the Porchtrait Project was started! The project hit the ground running in the Willowsford Community in Aldie, Virginia where donations were collected for local food banks through Willowsford Cares, a non-profit organization assisting residents, communities and non-profits.

80 neighbors joined in on this huge effort and raised thousands of dollars to donate to local food banks! It's amazing how people can come together, even during a time when we have to stay apart! A big heartfelt thank you to all who participated!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Aldie coronavirus family photo Darlene's Photography family photo front porch front porch photo Loudoun County photo project Virginia https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2020/4/porchtraits---a-front-porch-family-photo-project Sun, 26 Apr 2020 12:56:00 GMT
Helpful Tips for Planning Your Christmas Photo Outfits https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2019/11/helpful-tips-for-planning-your-christmas-photo-outfits One of the questions I am always asked when a client books a session is: "What should we wear?" and I know that is top of everyone's mind when planning for photos. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to scour Pinterest for ideas, so here are a few tips to help you move past that:

Visualize what you want your Christmas card to look like

These photos will be on your Christmas cards so visualizing what you want them to look like will help you start thinking of what to wear. My favorite cards are through Minted.com. Scanning Christmas card designs will help you come up with an idea for outfits. 


Decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor photo

Choosing an indoor or outdoor session will further narrow down your outfit choices. An indoor session allows you to go with a casual or glamorous look. For a casual look, think of matching jammies or jeans and a t-shirt look.


For a more formal/glam look, think of dress and heels or gown and suit. The glamorous look really is more suited for indoors since you don't want to look cold in your photos trying to pull off the glam look! Not to mention the goosebumps you may have all over!


Neutral colors work best!

No matter what theme you go with, going with a neutral color always works best in photos. You want to go with pale colors, blush colors, or light colors. Think pale green, or blush pink or light grey. Bold colors are distracting and can take away from the subjects. With all of that being said, when planning a family color scheme, it doesn't mean you all have to wear the exact same color. A nice balanced color scheme has a combination of plain color, print and darker color. Here are some ideas:

  • Tan, denim, stripes
  • Navy, tan, cream, plaid
  • Blush, white, light blue, floral print

Simple is sometimes best!

⁠Now that you've read all of this information and decided on a theme, you're probably thinking: "Buying all of these pieces of clothing is going to be expensive!" Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be. You can simply go through your closet and pick out items you already have. Add some accessories like a scarf and hat and voila! Seriously, finding a sweater, scarf, jeans and a pair of boots is just as good as going out and buying all new fancy gear! However, if you want to buy new stuff but not break the bank, places like Old Navy and Target or even Walmart (oh yes I did!) are options. I bought these adorable earring from Walmart for $2.97 and every time I wear them I get complimented on them. You can find inexpensive and cute scarves and accessories there and no one would ever know! 


[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) christmas family photo christmas photo outfit ideas outfit ideas photography outfit ideas https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2019/11/helpful-tips-for-planning-your-christmas-photo-outfits Sun, 24 Nov 2019 20:35:00 GMT
Photos with Santa at Darlene's Photography https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2019/11/santa


[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Loudoun County Northern Virginia Photo Studio Photographer Photos with Santa https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2019/11/santa Sat, 23 Nov 2019 19:44:47 GMT
Darlene's Photography Studio Now Open! https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2019/1/darlenes-photography-studio-now-open The Day Is Finally Here!!

I am so excited and utterly grateful to announce the opening of Darlene's Photography Studio. This has been a dream of mine for 5 years and I'm still in shock that it's finally happening! I'm happy to now provide in-studio photography to include: maternity, newborn, family, boudoir, headshots and personal branding photography for business owners.

Throughout the build-out, I captured the progress of my own little studio. The studio is situated on my property in Hillsboro, VA. We built it out of a custom ordered shed built by The Amish. The outside will be worked on next but for now, enjoy photos of the progress inside the studio.

Photography Studio Build ProgressInsulation going into the photo studio! Photography Studio Build ProgressDrywall going in to the studio Photography Studio Build Progress Photography Studio Build ProgressBehr paint colors chosen

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Loudoun County Photographer Loudoun County Photography Studio Northern Virginia Family Photographer Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer Northern Virginia Photographer Northern Virginia Photography Studio Personal Branding Photographer Personal Branding Photography Studio https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2019/1/darlenes-photography-studio-now-open Sat, 05 Jan 2019 02:06:09 GMT
Family Session - Harper's Ferry, WV https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2018/11/family-session---harpers-ferry-wv This session will always be a memorable one because we were chasing Fall leaves. My client wanted to capture the leaves on the trees changing colors and a wind storm days before our session basically ripped off all of the leaves in the area. So on the day of our session, we were in search of trees that still had leaves on them! We had fun regardless and captured some great shots!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2018/11/family-session---harpers-ferry-wv Wed, 14 Nov 2018 13:42:00 GMT
Newborn Baby Boy Photo Session, Hamilton, Virginia | Loudoun County https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2018/11/newborn-photo-session-purcellville-virginia-loudoun-county Baby boy Ian was a dream to work with! He was 2 weeks old and slept during the first half of his photo shoot, then remained happily awake during the second half! And look at this mama! Looking amazing and still having that glow!


[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2018/11/newborn-photo-session-purcellville-virginia-loudoun-county Fri, 02 Nov 2018 10:42:00 GMT
Newborn Girl Photo Session | Purcellville, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/9/newborn-photo-session-purcellville-va My mission with photography is to serve my clients. Special moments can go by so quickly, in the blink of an eye (*snap of the fingers)! Although the first moments with a newborn in the home can be rough, exhausting and stressful… they are also the happiest. Bringing a newborn into your life is a unique event that juxtaposes chaos with bliss, why wouldn’t I want to be a part of documenting that?! My goal is to capture such moments for you to look back on fondly for many, many years.

Here is a beautiful family I get to call close friends. I was there for the first and had the honor to capture their second, Baby Jojo. With their second daughter, these moments are going by much faster than they did with their first… so I am thrilled I was able to capture this moment for them!





[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/9/newborn-photo-session-purcellville-va Sat, 30 Sep 2017 19:08:00 GMT
Maternity Photo Outdoor Session | Harper's Ferry, WV https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/8/maternity-photo-session-harpers-ferry-wv My good friends are having a baby (again)! I am beyond honored to have been around to not only photograph their first pregnancy, but their second and have captured other special moments. I'm so happy for Katie, DJ and Maddie and excited to meet baby Jojo. 

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/8/maternity-photo-session-harpers-ferry-wv Wed, 09 Aug 2017 01:38:17 GMT
Newborn In Home Photo Session | Round Hill, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/4/newborn-in-home-photo-session-round-hill-va This in home session was a lot of fun! The new parents of Eleanor are both air traffic controllers and had to get at least one photo of this sweet girl and an airplane. The wooden airplane and aviator cap is just the cutest! I think Eleanor has a future in the aviation industry! Congrats to Natasha and Greg on their bundle of joy!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/4/newborn-in-home-photo-session-round-hill-va Sat, 29 Apr 2017 13:32:00 GMT
Newborn Twin Photo Session | Ashburn, Virginia https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/4/newborn-twin-photo-session-ashburn-virginia Meet Joanna and Jayden... the cutest little twins I had the honor to meet and photograph. They like the spotlight, they both did so well with taking photographs they basically slept the entire time. I've photographed many newborns and each time I do it's like the first. You forget how tiny humans are at birth and for me, they are just magical! Pure and perfect - magical! Enjoy these shots I grabbed of J + J!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling twin newborn photo session virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/4/newborn-twin-photo-session-ashburn-virginia Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:50:00 GMT
Newborn Photo Session | Frederick, MD https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/2/newborn-photo-session-frederick-md This sweet family was so excited about their little addition! She was the best baby I have worked with so far. She slept most of the session!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly frederick maryland great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/2/newborn-photo-session-frederick-md Mon, 27 Feb 2017 03:47:00 GMT
Newborn Photo Session | Purcellville, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/2/newborn-photo-session-purcellville-va Meet Cindy with sweet little Penny. We worked hard to get these images but well worth it! These are some of my favorite images I've captured!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/2/newborn-photo-session-purcellville-va Tue, 21 Feb 2017 04:28:00 GMT
Newborn Photo Session | Bethesda, MD https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/1/newborn-photo-session-bethesda-md Meet sweet Elsa her mom Suzie and big sister Janie! 

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "newborn ashburn bethesda bluemont brambleton chantilly great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts maryland maternity photographer newborn photographer northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2017/1/newborn-photo-session-bethesda-md Mon, 23 Jan 2017 04:41:00 GMT
Giving Thanks | Purcellville Virginia Photographer https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/11/giving-thanks The Thanksgiving holiday is here and I'm taking time to stop and share all that I give thanks to. I am horrible at slowing down long enough to blog and share with you all the exciting things going on (I would give up coffee for like 8 more hours in a day! No seriously, I think I would and if you didn't know... I'm a huge coffee 'enthusiast'). So I'll start by giving thanks for this time I have to stop and share... while my daughter runs delirious circles around me. I really wanted to recap my Fall season and give thanks to how beautiful it has been. Magical almost. So I'll start there... Fall, I am thankful for:

1. Gold and Pink Sunsets

2. Pumpkin Patch Fun


4. Wineries

Photo by BFritz


5. Halloween and Haunted Forests

6. Fall Weddings

7. Fall Photo Sessions

Above all, I give thanks to family and friends. Your support and encouragement is everything!

Last, I want to give a HUGE THANKS to my customers. I am so thankful to have been part of  your lives and have gotten to know you! 

Life would not be wonderful without you all!



[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Darlene Photography Darlene S Photography Darlenes Photography Darlene's Photography Fall Photography Leesburg Family Photographer Leesburg Photographer Leesburg Wedding Photographer NOVA photographer Purcellville Purcellville Photographer Purcellville Wedding Photographer VA Virginia Thanksgiving Photography Virginia Virginia Photographer Virginia Winery Wedding Photographer https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/11/giving-thanks Thu, 24 Nov 2016 12:45:00 GMT
Family Photo Session | Doukenie Winery in Purcellville, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/10/family-photo-session-doukenie-winery-Purcellville-virginia This Fall family photo session took place in at my studio location and at Doukenie Winery. The weather was perfect and this family beautiful! The boys enjoyed exploring and a mini picnic while Mom and Dad may have enjoyed some wine after the session wrapped up...

I can't wait to photograph this family again next year!

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) "family ashburn bluemont brambleton chantilly family photographer great falls hamilton herndon leesburg loudoun county lovettsville lucketts northern virginia photo purcellville reston round hill session" sterling virginia waterford wheatland https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/10/family-photo-session-doukenie-winery-Purcellville-virginia Sat, 29 Oct 2016 02:47:00 GMT
Darlene S Photography is now in Purcellville, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/9/darlene-s-photography-is-now-in-purcellville-va I’m taking a brief moment out of the hectic life we’ve been living the last two months to share our excitement!


For those who don’t know, 7 years ago we moved to Woodbridge, Virginia from Las Vegas. It was quite an adjustment for me since I’d lived in Vegas for 20 years and prior to that in the Los Angeles area. The East Coast is… different and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the seasons; except I hate the winter. I love the landscape and the wildlife; but I hate the mosquitoes. I love my photography business and clients I have gotten to know and the opportunity that Virginia has provided my husband and I… but I miss my family… every day I miss them.

I think I will always have this love/hate relationship to some degree but I had to focus more on why I love Virginia and expand on that love because it has been so good to us! So, to do that we decided to move to Purcellville, VA for a slower pace, great schools and to be surrounded by beauty. Why Purcellville? Well we had friends who lived there and each time we visited we loved it. We realized that most of our weekends the last 7 years (weather permitting), we spent “exploring” Virginia’s countryside and taking in the beauty. The most important reason for Purcellville was we want to raise our daughter in a calm environment where our focus is on family.


Luckily, a house we fell in love with .9 miles away from my friend’s home came on the market. After a few bumps in the road (we’ll save that story for another blog) and after a few months, we got our dream home. We’re surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and others I don’t even know what they’re named. There are many farms surrounding us and did I mention wineries?!


I’m excited to expose our daughter to new things and myself as well. I am excited to share this with you as well. I have big plans in mind and hope to share them with you someday! For now, here is some of the fun we’ve had!



80's Themed Birthday Bash | Washington, DC https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/80s-theme-birthday-bash About last night... rubix cubes, brick phones, big hair, side pony tails, rad fashion, Ronald Raegan and The Breakfast Club. Many came to rock out with the birthday girl at The Loft at 600 F in Downtown Washington, DC put together by Six Twenty Events.  There was non stop dancing to the best of the 80's put on by DJ Bialak. A nostalgic night which had me thinking... man the 80's were awesome!



Photography by: Darlene S Photography 

Event Planning by: Six Twenty Events

Venue location: The Loft at 600 F

Music by: Dan Goldman

Cake by: The Cake Courtesan

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) 80's Hair 80's Outfit 80's Party 80's decoration Event Photography Event Photography Washington DC NOVA Photographer Washington DC Party Washington, DC Washington, DC Photographer https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/80s-theme-birthday-bash Mon, 08 Feb 2016 03:17:02 GMT
Air Force Promotion Ceremony at the National Archives, Washington D.C. https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/airforce-promotional-ceremony-at-the-national-archives An Air Force promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel at the National Archives in Washington DC. The National Archives is the ultimate location for this special occasion since the ceremony takes place in the rotunda where the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence are housed. This is where the officer recites the oath and is pinned to their new rank. I'm always honored to not only capture this special moment but to witness it; grateful to the men and women who serve. Thank you Lt. Col. Garcia for your dedication and service. 

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Air Force Air Force Promotion Ceremony Army Marines Military Photography Military Promotion Ceremony National Archives Military Promotion Photography National Archives Military Promotion Washington, DC NOVA Photographer Navy Promotion Ceremony The National Archives Washington, DC https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2016/2/airforce-promotional-ceremony-at-the-national-archives Mon, 01 Feb 2016 21:39:00 GMT
Air Force Military Promotional Ceremony | Pentagon Hall of Heroes https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2015/10/air-force-military-promotional-ceremony Congrats to this intelligent and talented woman who was promoted due to her hard work and dedication to service. What an inspiration to all women!








[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Air Force Arlington VA VA Military Promotion Army Hall of Heroes Marines Military Photography Navy NOVA Photographer Pentagon Photographer Pentagon Promotion Ceremony Promotion Ceremony Washington DC https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2015/10/air-force-military-promotional-ceremony Thu, 01 Oct 2015 18:54:49 GMT
Corporate Event and Head shot Photography https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2015/3/corporate-events I’m excited to share these photos! In addition to specializing in wedding and family photography, I offer corporate event and head shot photography. I recently had the pleasure of working with a non profit organization of public health professionals which was held at Westin Georgetown in Washington, DC.

In this closed cohort session, I was asked to capture panel presentations and leadership panels...

A class photo...

A reception and graduation ceremony...

and team building exercise fun!

I live and work in the NOVA/DC area and as a professional photographer, I can make recommendations on location and attire. For corporate/executive sessions, I recommend comfortable fitting clothes that are solid in color and professional. Whether shooting indoors or outdoors, my goal is to make my clients as comfortable as possible so they can relax and have fun during the session – this is what makes the photos come alive. 

Corporate photography includes executive portraiture, group portraiture, corporate head shots, corporate lifestyle, event/convention coverage, website photography, health care, commercial and hospitality settings. I am located in Northern Virginia and travel to locations throughout Virginia, Maryland and DC for client photography sessions. 

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Military Retirement Ceremony | Quantico, VA https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2015/1/mgysgt-compton-retirement-ceremony I had the honor of providing photography coverage for Master Gunnery Sergeant Compton's military retirement ceremony in Quantico, VA. He has dedicated over 24 years of service in the Marines and recently attached to a very special unit providing service to the President. His ceremony took place in a hangar and was filled with family, friends and fellow Marines... there to celebrate a very special man. You could tell that he's touched many through his leadership, genuineness and service. AMAZING. Proud to support our armed forces and encourage everyone to do the same. Enjoy!

some of my favorite photos:

[email protected] (Darlene's Photography) Air Force Army Marine Corp Military Retirement Marines Military Photography NOVA Photographer Navy Photographer Quantico Quantico Quantico, VA Retirement Ceremony https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2015/1/mgysgt-compton-retirement-ceremony Mon, 19 Jan 2015 23:37:57 GMT
Air Force Military Promotion Ceremony Photography | National Archives, Washington D.C. https://darlenesphotography.com/blog/2014/12/air-force-military-promotion-ceremony-photography-national-archives-washington-d-c I can never get enough of covering promotions at The National Archives in Washington, DC. The building is beautiful inside and out and is the perfect venue for a special occasion such as a military promotion ceremony. Here are a few of my favorites from Lt Col Sparrow's promotion.


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