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Love Letter

February 04, 2015

Every year for Valentine's Day I like to think of a special, thoughtful gift

I try to stay away from the commercial aspect of this holiday and instead think up something creative. This year is a little different from past years because it's been the busiest. These days are filled heavier work loads, juggling two kids (a toddler and a teenager), three dogs, and all that comes with owning a home. So this year, instead of adding one more thing to juggle (aka some thing that takes time to plan which I have none of) I am going to write my husband a love letter from us.

No, not the quick little message you can write in a CVS store bought card, but a true love note to tell him just how much we love him. A genuine, heart felt note to say what we love about him and how love is not possible without him. This is special because although we say I love you daily, we don't get a chance to elaborate on just why we love each other and a love note is just perfect for doing so. I'd say...

You ALWAYS make me smile and laugh! Whether it's at you, with you, about you... it doesn't matter. I laugh everyday and I just LOVE that about you.

Our baby girl. I love that we had her, that she looks like me, has your relentlessness, and keeps us on our toes constantly. I just love everything about this part of our story.

I love that you help me, believe in me, care for me, and support me! I just love that about you.

She loves you and we think your the best daddy ever! You'll do anything for her!


What will your love letter say?